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Prairie, © Jim Brandenburg / National Geographic Stock

Saving America’s Last Prairies »

Thanks in great part to agriculture, most of America’s prairies are gone today – and with them, species iconic to our Midwest. But two members of Congress are bringing back the effort to prevent our prairies and wetlands from being turned into cropland.

Tule Lake, © American West Conservation

Walking Wetlands »

What do you do when there’s only so much land, but both farmers and wildlife want to use it? A new approach is finding that when wetlands “walk,” everybody wins!

Wetlands, © Krista Schlyer/Defenders

Plowed Under: Joint Report Advocates Farm Bill Changes »

A new report released today by the Environmental Working Group and Defenders highlights the massive wildlife habitat loss stemming from unlimited and unregulated crop insurance subsidies like the ones on the pending 2012 farm bill. New research from the report indicates that, between 2008 and 2011, over 23 million acres of viable wildlife habitat were… Read more »